Real Estate Photography


I love photographing properties and making them look their best. When I photograph real estate, my main goal is to make it look like someplace I’d love to live. 

If you have a property for sale or rent and need photos, please contact me. I have very competitive rates and I can usually get the photos taken, processed, and sent to you in less than 72 hours (weather permitting). I’m available for evening shoots as well, to shoot your property in its best light. I can send you photos in both print and web format, all processed to make your property look beautiful. And if you need help with staging, I have contacts who do that (they staged the photos below). We can help you make your property look amazing.


Kanon Collective
6851 W. Colfax Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214

Open Hours

Friday: 6-10pm
Weekends: 12-5pm
Holidays: Closed